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A couple of samples from MAX (no, not that one)

Last week at MAX Barcelona, I did a couple of off-the-cuff presentations and samples for the Flex Boot Camp session on Wednesday afternoon. I promised a few people I would post those samples on my blog, so, here they are.
Sample 1: Building a custom component
A number of people at Boot Camp wanted to see the basics of building a custom component stripped down to the fundamentals. So I built this component on stage for them, walking them through the basics of component base classes, graphics, sub components, drawing and layout, measurement, commitProperties, and custom events.
Sample 2: redefining what the children of an MXML component means
one or two people asked me how they could specify children of a custom MXML component both in the component definition and in the component instance. This is possible in flex today with a minimum of actionscript added to your custom MXML code. This component shows how to do it.
Sample 3: metaprogramming with custom actionscript metadata
Towards the end of the Flex 2 development cycle, we slipped a tiny feature into the flash player API that allowed us to get access to some actionscript metadata at runtime via the describeType() API. In Flex 2.01, we made it possible for the end devleoper to define what metadata is preserved at runtime. In Flex 3, we’ve made it even easier to preserve metadata. A couple of people have discovered this feature, and started to do some really interesting things with it. I got asked about this a few times during the course of MAX, so I put this sample together.
This demo I really like, and should be interesting even for the more advanced flex developers among you. In this demo, I’ve build a utility that allows you to use actionscript metadata to;
create one way and two way bindings between parts of your component.
assign a function to be invoked when an actionscript expression changes.
assign an event handler to a part of your component declaratively.
See the source for details.
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A big thanks to everyone who came to MAX this year, both in Chicago and Barcelona. It’s tremendously helpful to us to talk to so many people who are living and breathing by the decisions we make in the SDK, and I really enjoyed meeting a whole new crop of flex developers (as well as saying hi to the old ones).


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