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Flex top Animated DragTile Component 0.1

The DragTile Component adds Picasa like Drag/Drop animated feedback to the basic Flex Tile behavior. Using this component, you can:
drag to reorder items in the component
drag from/to the component to move items into or out of the dataProvider to another component.
drag from/to the component (with shift key pressed) to copy items into the dataProvider
Flex Beta 3 is required to view these demos.
Sample Applications using the DragTile Component:

Picassa-like image drag/drop Demo
Alphabet Tile Game
Screamin’ Fireballs Dodgeball Team Manager
Known Issues/Areas for Improvement:
right now the content has to be data driven (i.e., with a dataProvider + itemRenderer). Really, there’s no reason it couldn’t be driven purely by children (i.e., you explicitly name the children to display, like any other container). Just needs a little work.
DragTile is based off of Container. Really, it should extend Tile, and modify its layout behavior.
Currently assumes dataProvider is an Array. Really should work off of collections, like other flex data-driven components.
drag/drop behavior isn’t as configurable as it should be. The Developer should be able to decide whether a drop is allowed, whether copy or move is allowed, etc.


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