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Flex Variable Radius Pie Chart.

This sample shows how to extend the capabilities of the PieSeries class from the Flex Charting Package. It’s a good tutorial for how to extend any of the built in classes, and a good reference to start thinking about building your own series type from scratch.
In this example, we extend the built in PieSeries to use the underlying data to determine both the size of the wedge, as a typical PieSeries does, as well as the radius of the wedge. The New series goes through all the steps a Chart Series must to convert data from an underlying data provider to a value that can be used rendering on screen.
This was a quick one off example I put together, so it probably has some issues in it. Specifically, if you turned on callout labels for this series, they wouldn’t draw all thew way in for the smaller wedges. Consider it an exercise for the reader ;)
* Variable Radius Pie Chart
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Raja said...

BIG ISSUE : We are now working with variable radius piechart, problem is that when we load the state for the first time for the corresponding data, it shows little different and later when we switch to some other state and come back to same state, the radius pie shows different from the previous one but the latter shows correctly.
Can you please take a quick look and let us know where the problem lies.

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