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Java Development in Flex Builder.

Most of flex developer install the flex builder by selecting “Stand-alone IDE” configuration. While developing application using flex + java they have to depend on other editor or IDE. So here there is a way in which you can do the java development form the flex IDE.

There are two types of installation configuration when you install flex.

  1. Stand-alone IDE – This includes a customized version of Eclipse, and its own Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This version will not have java development tools preinstalled so you can’t do the java development. (For java development you need to install JDT (Java Development Tools)… which we will see later in this article.)
  2. Plug-in – This will install flex builder 2 Plug-in on Eclipse (if you are currently using Eclipse 3.1.2 /3.2 on Macintosh OS X.). With this installation you can do development on java and flex simultaneously form one IDE.

For updating Java Development Features in Flex IDE You need to install Java Development Tools (JDT) plug-in.
You can download & install the JDT plug-in from following location


You can install JDT from Flex Builder.

Following are steps to install JDT form Flex Builder.

1. Open Flex Builder IDE.

2. Navigate to: Help Menu >> Software Updates >> Click on Find and Install.
Flex Help Menu

3. Now Install/Update Dialogue box will open. Select “Search for new features to install” and Click on Next button.
Flex Install Update

4. Now Install Dialogue box will open. Check “ update site” and click on finish button.
Flex Install

5. Now Update Manager will start searching Site Mirrors to download plug-ins and it will display “Update Site Mirrors” Dialogue box. Select any mirror site and Click on “Ok”
Flex Update Site Mirror

6. Now Update Manager will search for plug-in and open an update dialogue box. This dialogue box will list all plug-in for you current Eclipse version. Select “Eclipse Java Development Tools 3.1.2” and Press Next.
Flex Update

7. Now Accept the License Agreement and Click on next.

8. Select the installation path (By default it will be your Flex builder 2 directory) and Click on Finish.

9. Now JDT will be downloaded and installed. After installation you need to restart flex builder again.

Now you are done with the JDT installation.

To create a java project
1. Navigate to: File Menu >> New>> Click on Other…
Flex File Menu

2. Now “New” popup window will open and you will see the you have a option to create a java project.
Flex New Project
In this way you can create a java project and do java development.

Hope this article will help some flex developers.

Enjoy Flex + Java Development…. :)

Flex 3 for You ********* June 10, 2007

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Flex 3 Beta 1 is released and it is available for download in Adobe Labs.

Some Important Links for Flex 3:
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