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Using AdvancedDataGrid as a tree control with sorting

The AdvancedDataGrid control can be configured and used as a simple Tree control with sorting support (which is not available in the Tree control).

The following example shows how.

When hierarchical XML (or Object based) data is fed into a HierachicalData (which implements IHierachicalData) and set as dataProvider to ADG it internally converts it into a HierarchicalCollectionView (implementing IHierarchicalCollectionView). The good news is that HierarchicalCollectionView provides the sort and filtering APIs which can be used to sort and filter the data very similar to flat data.

Click on the "Simple sort" button to see how the data gets sorted recursively. It doesn't do a good job as it mixes up parent and leaf items. If you are one those who expects everything according to the alphabetical order you may like it !

Click on the "Custom sort" button to see how the sorting can be customized to show the parent items at the top and leaf items at the bottom. The custom sort function uses the IHierarchicalData.canHaveChildren API to move the parent items up the ladder.

"Remove sort" does the obvious.

The source and data used for example.


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