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Changing row background color in AdvancedDataGrid

Changing the row backgroundColor in AdvancedDataGrid to highlight few rows is easy (though not possible out of the box).

I have used a different approach than overriding the drawRowBackground function used for DG. The drawback of this approach is that the selection feedback gets almost hidden by the background coloring. If the intention is to highlight a search or hightlight a particular values this should not be a serious problem.

The default itemRenderer ADGItemRenderer extends from UITextField (for perforamnce reasons) which doesn't have a backgroundColor style. Hence it is not possible to do it out of the box. But TextField (parent of UITextField) has background and backgroundColor properties which can be set to change the backgroundColor of the TextField.

I have created a new custom itemRenderer ADGItemRendererEx which derives from ADGItemRenderer. I have added a "rowColor" style to this and use this style value to set the TextFields background color.

By providing a styleFunction to ADG we get control to return any styles we want to be set on the itemRenderer. Any logic to determine a particular rows color can go into this function. The return value is a object with style names as properties and style values as proprety-values. For ex:

return { rowColor:0xFF0000, fontWeight:"bold" };

If function logic decides not to change the styles it can return an empty object.

The following sample shows the result. By typing any string in the text box the particular row containing the searched string is highlighted. User can choose to search for either company column or product column.

The source is available here.


Chris L said...

Thanks for this tip, I wasn't happy about extending the ADG.

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