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Flex SDK open source development

Here you can find information and resources regarding Flex SDK open source development. It contains information for contributors, developers, committers, and the Flex SDK community in general.

If you cannot find your answers here, then please ask about it on the Developers forum.

Getting Started with Flex 3
Quickly familiarize yourself with Flex 3.
Flex 3 Language Reference
View the ASDoc for every API in the Flash Player, AIR, and Flex.
Live Documentation for the Flex SDK
Looking for live and abundant documentation? Look no further!
Get source codeBrowse the Subversion repository or download a copy of the code.
SDK organizationLearn what's where inside the Flex SDK.
Set up your development environmentSet up your development environment for Windows, Mac or Linux so that you can build and test the SDK.
How to build and testHow to build it - how to test it!
Coding guidelinesCoding guidelines for patches and feature development
Coding conventions - 日本語Coding conventions and best practices regarding the Flex SDK.
Submitting a patchIf you filed a bug, you may have already coded a fix for it. If you have a fix, then submit a patch!
Play in the sandboxWant your own hosted branch of the SDK? Create a sandbox!
For committersIf you have commit access, you need to read this.
Targeting Flash Player 10 with Flex SDK 3.xWant to use flashy Flash Player 10 features in your Flex 3 app? Read me first.
Current Feature SpecificationsDocuments and specifications for the current major release
Gumbo Features and Migration Guide
Read about converting Flex 3 applications to Flex Gumbo
Gumbo Language Reference
View the ASDoc based on the Gumbo SDK
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