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Flex Alert Box example

Alert box is a dialog box that appears on window with some message and stays rigid until the event associated with it is not done. Alert Box is also referred to as pop-up window.

Among these two words Alert & box, Alert is a class defined inside the mx.controls package. The pop-up window appears when .show() method of Alert class is called. Programmer can write its message inside the method parenthesis, method displays programmers message as string on the opened pop-up window that contains a string title 'Alert'.


width = '100%' height = '100%'>

import mx.controls.Alert;

public function method1():void{'want to play', 'message', 3, this, method2)

public function method2(event:CloseEvent):void{
if(event.detail == Alert.YES)
eve.text = "You answer is 'yes' so your player ID is: " + event.detail;
eve.text = "You answer is 'No' but still if want to play then your player ID is: "
+ event.detail;


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