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Downloading and Installing Flex Builder

In this tutorial you will learn the complete downloading and installing procedure for adobe flex builder.

Flex Builder is an IDE built on adobe technology that inherent eclipse ide features. Like NetBeans and Eclipse, Flex builder too provides features such as creating projects, software updates, display options etc. .
You can download this tool from adobe official website download page. Flex Builder is not a share ware product like eclipse and netbeans are. For using this tool one should have proper license. But an evaluation copy of this product is downloadable. So those who want use it as free can download its evaluation period based copy from the link below.
The evaluation period for this product is of sixty days, after that it will expire.


After going to above url you will be on the download page of flex builder as shown below.


Here i will illustrate the installation process for window users only. So on the download page click on the download link after this a Opening FB3_win.exe window comes and asks for saving the setup file as FB3_win.exe. On this window click on Save File button, this file will be downloaded on the location you set in your system for saving the downloaded files. If not set then by default the download path is of your system desktop background.


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