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ActionScript 3 XLS Library - Reading and writing Excel spreadsheets, works with Excel 2.0-2003 files.
ASTRA - ASTRA, the ActionScript Toolkit for Rich Applications, is a collection of Flash and Flex components, code libraries, toolkits and utilties developed by Yahoo! for ActionScript developers.
Flare Visualization Toolkit - A collection of ActionScript 3 classes for building a wide variety of interactive visualizations.
Flex Lib - A community effort to create open source user interface components for Flex.
Flex MDI - A robust, extensible multiple document interface framework for Flex.
Flexed Toolkit - A set of reusable components for Flex developers.
JWO Lib - The jwo_lib project consists of open source user interface components for Flex 2, including FieldSet, Pod, TileCanvas, HyperLinkText and FieldSetBorder.
Ventanas - Windowing system for Adobe Flex.


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