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GroupingCollection to group mails on Date and Subject

Here is a sample I wrote using GC to group mails according to Date and Subject very similar to Outlook. This sample serves to show the complex ways in which GC can be configures and used.

Subject grouping: The sample uses GroupingField.groupingFunction and GroupingField.compareFunction to achive the Subject grouping even when subject line text is prefixed with RE:, FW: etc. Grouping.groupingObjectFunction is used to supply a custom grouping object MailGroup which has a date field getter function to return the maximum date of the child mail items.

Date grouping: Again groupingFunction is used to form diffrent groups of mails based on the date value.

The "show unread mails" option can be used to remove the read mails from the view. This shows filtering applied to the HierarchicalCollectionView which ADG creates internally when a GroupingCollection (or anything which implements IHierarchicalData) is supplied as the dataProvider.

The "highlight unread mails" option uses the ADG.styleFunction property to hightlight the unread mails by making them bold.

The source is available here

Please note I have a tweak in the sample to keep it ever-green, that is the date values of the mail items are generated at runtime than hard coded.


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