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Extending DateChooser.selectableRange to accept multiple values/ranges

Recently I came across the following requirement: Enable few disjoint dates in a DateChooser for user selection. The default DateChooser.selectableRange does not allow inserting of list of dates. It takes only a range and disables the rest.

I copied and modified the Flex 2 DateChooser control to achive the new functionlity. The swc is available here

I used this file to do the testing. I have done basic testing and it seems to work.

Only few dates in Jan, Feb and March of 2008 are enabled and it restircts the navigation to only those months

Currently I have made changes to only Flex 2 DateChooser. I would be happy to fix any bugs found !

Here are the Flex 3 files: DateChooser and CalenderLayout.


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