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Displaying GroupingCollection/HierarchicalData in Charts with drill-down

This example shows how to use GroupingCollection/HierarchicalData as dataProvider to a Chart and how to support drill down and drill up navigation.

Click on any item to drill-down and Ctrl+Click on any item to drill-up. The top chart uses HierarchicalData sample and the second chart uses GroupingCollection to generate a summary information from flat data.

Please note that all data is fictitious and I just cooked it up for the sample.

To get access to parent and children collections a HierarchicalCollectionView is constructed using GC/HD as source. To display a drilled down view the children collection is set as charts dataProvider. For a drill-up operation the clicked items parent collection is set as dataProvider.

The source can be downloaded from here.

I have used the DrillDown, DrillUp effects from Ely's chart drill down sample of XML data. The sample would have looked a bit dull without them. Thanks to Ely!.


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