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Will Flash Lite soon support Flash Player 9/Flex?

UPDATE: OK, I was dead-wrong on this one. Ted was referring to the ability for Flash Player on the client machine to cache versions of the Flex SDK, so your Flex app can be decoupled from the entire weight of the framework, and if the user has already loaded a Flex app they don’t have to re-download a full 500k (or more) swf when they view your app. Read Ted’s description here.]

This is complete speculation, but it’s the only way I can read the following comment posted on Ted Patrick’s blog:

This feature will forever alter how Flex is deployed and I am pretty confident that you will be shocked. Flex is about to become much more distributed. :)

I have my fingers crossed that what this is going to mean is that the next version of Flash Lite is going to support Flash Player 9 and that Adobe’s Device Central is going to give us sweet Flex integration and mobile templates so we can develop Flex apps for phones.

Am I reading too much into that sentence? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.


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