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Why I LOVE Flex - Charting example

Take a look at this example I whipped up last night. This takes the google-finance-esque charting example from Brendan Meutzner and steps it up a notch. Now we’ve got two sets of charts, overlapping each other so we can easily compare the data. Drag the selected range of either of the charts using the sliders on the bottom portion and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

This took me literally 3 hours to whip up. Hot damn. Show me an example like this in AJAX that didn’t take months to create. Hell, just show me an AJAX example at all.

This is a real application, not just a pretty demo. My girlfriend is a clinical psychology Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley. She’s running some psych studies and needs to compare data they captured from different subjects in the study. So as I’m talking to her last night and she’s describing what she’s trying to do, I think, gee, that sounds like it would be a sweet little Flex app. (In case anyone’s wondering, the sample data I published here is not from real subjects, so don’t get all privacy-advocate uppity on me) So I get to play with fun charts in a real-world scenario, and UC Berkeley gets some free Flex work.

Anyway, click the screenshot below (or this link) to launch the example. Right click to view source, or view source here.



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