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View differences between Flex 3 Beta 2 SDK and Beta 1 SDK

New files:

  • ButtonBar.png
  • mx.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridHeaderBase
  • mx.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridLockedRowContentHolder
  • mx.controls.menuClasses.MenuListData
  • mx.core.EmbeddedFont
  • mx.core.EmbeddedFontRegistry
  • mx.core.IConstraintClient
  • mx.core.IEmbeddedFontRegistry
  • mx.core.IFontContextComponent
  • mx.core.ITextFieldFactory
  • mx.core.TextFieldFactory
  • easing_readme.txt
  • mx.styles.IStyleManager2
  • mx.styles.StyleProxy

Some other things to note:

  • Lots of the files have a very basic change in the copyright notice: from “2003-2006 Adobe Macromedia Software LLC and its licensors” to “2003-2007 Adobe Systems Incorporated”. That unfortunately means a lot of “false positives” show up in the changeset.
  • I guess joining Adobe means Robert Penner gets to pimp his own book (even with a direct link to the page on Amazon) within the SDK source code.( :P I’m just busting balls)
  • There are lots of trace statements commented out, giving us an insight into the Flex team’s debugging mind. ListBase has 40 such statements that haven’t been removed from the code. DataGrid has 54. ProgressBar line 1631 has the wonderful “Move indeterminate” trace statement.
  • There’s some new stuff for styling. It looks like they’ve added a class called StyleProxy (note: at the moment completely undocumented and has large blocks of commented-out code), and that you can use that to set the default styles on custom components. I don’t really know much about this (Juan, want to chime in?) but check out the changes in TabNavigator to see a little how they’re using StyleProxy.


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