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Top Flex bug issues

What was fixed
Here are the list of issues that I fixed. If you find out that something I think I fixed is still broken then let me know.

Component Issue
SuperTabNavigator Add ItemCloseEvent to SuperTabNavigator
FlowBox FlowLayout does not respect includeInLayout Usability
ScrollableMenu ScrollableMenu should be more extensible
ScrollableMenu ScrollableMenu bugs: icons and variableRowHeight
HAccordion HAccordion icon rotation issue
ScrollableArrowMenu ScrollableArrowMenu RTE TypeError 322
SuperTabNavigator SuperTabNavigator PopupMenu doesn’t support localization
SuperTabNavigator SuperTabNavigator truncates labels with … Unnecessarily
Base64Image Base64Image throwing error when using url as source
FlowBox Vertical size of FlowBox is measured for vertical layout instead of the flow layout used
DragScrollingCanvas DragScrollingCanvas array of children to allow scrolling/mouse interaction
EnhancedButtonSkin Add EnhancedButtonSkin support for downSkin and selectedDownSkin
SuperTabNavigator SuperTabNavigator unneccesarrily places tabbar at 0,0
CanvasButton CanvasButton not working with Flex 3 beta 3

How you can help

  1. There are still open issues that have not been fixed. If you take a look at the list and know how to fix something listed there, submit a patch by emailing it to the FlexLib discussion group and we’ll add it in.
  2. Report more bugs using the issue tracking system. It’s MUCH easier to keep track of bugs people have found if they log them in the issue tracking system. I tried to go back over emails to the flexlib discussion group where people reported bugs, and I got some of them, but I likely missed some there. If you previously emailed the list (or me directly) with bug reports but did not log it in the issue tracking system then it might have gotten lost. If it’s logged in the system then even if it takes me a while to get to it, at least I have all the issues in one nice list to review. I also fixed a few small bugs that were emailed to the list without filing them as issues, and now I forget what they were, so if you sent me an email with a bug you might want to check the latest release to make sure it’s still an issue (and then file a report).
  3. There are two issues I can’t reproduce or need more clarification on. Check out these two reports and see if you can reproduce either one. If so, write up a more detailed description of the problem and maybe I can figure it out.


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