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The Quest for the Perfect Tab Navigator - Part 2

TabNavigator component with all the features I’ve heard people talking about.

  1. Drag the tabs to re-order them. An indicator appears showing you where the tabs will be dropped. You can drop tabs before or after any other tab currently in the list
  2. Closable tabs. Click the close icon on each tab to remove it.
  3. List of tabs in a drop-down menu on the right. I’ve changed it now so the menu won’t go off the screen. It adds a scrollbar to the menu if it gets too long.
  4. If you don’t specify a tabWidth, the tabs are all at their own default widths.
  5. If there are too many tabs to fit the component first tries to squeeze the tabs in by making them smaller. You can set minTabWidth, which specifies the smallest that the tabs are allowed to be squeezed down to. If the tabs can’t be squeezed more then scrolling occurs (next point)
  6. Scrollable tabs. If the number of tabs is too many to fit, then arrow icons appear on the left and right side that allow you to scroll through all available tabs.

There are some definite bugs, especially when it comes to trying to set tabWidth and minTabWidth. Once I upload the source in the next day or so maybe someone else can figure it out.

So that’s pretty much where I’m at. Hopefully I’ll post the code tomorrow once I get around to cleaning it up a tiny bit more. Here’s the example of the current component. If you’ve got any more feature requests just post them in the comments and I’ll see if I can include them. Cool.


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