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FlexLib demo shown at 360Flex Keynote

Just thought I’d do a quick post with a link to the demo of FlexLib components that Ted Patrick showed at the keynote on the 3rd day of 360Flex. The demo shows most of the components currently in FlexLib. Right now my brain’s a little too fried to remember if there’s stuff in the library that I didn’t include in the demo. Check the source out of the svn to actually get the source for any of these components.

I’m planning on including the rippling water effect in FlexLib as well, along with the smoke/fire effects. But those aren’t in there now, I’ve got to find some time to work on them a bit more before they’re ready to go.

Anyway, here’s the demo.

If you want more info on FlexLib, read over the wiki pages on the project page. If you have questions just email me. If you want to contribute your code (and you all should!) then read the wiki page about contributing. Basically you’re going to send us your code (or a link to your source) and we’ll start integrating it into the library. Once we give your code the FlexLib stamp of approval you’ll get set up as a contributor and you can submit code to the repository yourself.

360Flex is now over, I just got home from San Jose, my head’s still spinning, bed is calling. I might try to write up my thoughts on the 360Flex conference overall and eventually do a post or two. Or not, we’ll see. Gotta say it was sweet though, good times all around.


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