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Even Better Scrollable Menus for Flex

Here’s an update to the Flex Scrollable Menu controls that I posted earlier today. Josh Tynjala made the point that he would rather have up and down arrows at the top and bottom of the menus to allow you to scroll without using a scrollbar on the side. Well, ok, ok, here you go. Now the menus can have either a vertical scrollbar on the side, rollover arrows on the top and bottom, or both! Yay!

Also, if you don’t specify a maxHeight for the controls, then the menus get sized as high as they can without going off the stage. So if a menu is too big it will size itself to as high as it can, and then start scrolling. If you specify the maxHeight attribute for the controls then the menu will try to size itself that high, but not higher. But again, if there’s not enough room on the stage then the menu won’t grow beyond the visible area. As far as I can figure, this is how menus should work.

So check it out and play with some of the options in the example. You can set both verticalScrollPolicy and a new property: arrowScrollPolicy. Both work the same way as you’d expect. arrowScrollPolicy controls the display of the up/down arrows just like the scrollbar is controlled. So you can set arrowScrollPolicy to ScrollPolicy.ON, ScrollPolicy.AUTO, and ScrollPolicy.OFF. If you turn both the arrows and the scrollbar on then you can scroll using either of them.

And again, full source is here.


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