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Draggable Slider Component for Flex

This is a Flex component that adds a draggable bar between two slider thumbs. This is very similar to the “Dual Slider Component” developed by Brendan Meutzner that has been on Flex Exchange for a while now. I’m posting my version because 1) I created it a while ago without realizing there was a similar one out there already and 2) mine works differently by placing the draggable portion directly between the thumbs of the slider on the track.

It’s a simple component, basically nothing more than the VSlider or HSlider that’s included in the Flex Framework, slightly modified for my purposes. If you look at the source you’ll see that the bulk of the component is, which is a direct copy of the mx.controls.sliderClasses.Slider class that was included in the framework (upgraded to use the 2.0.1 version). was copied completely, and then I added a few things to make it draw an invisible draggable region between the two thumbs. This is an example of something that ideally should have been done by extending the Slider class, but since I needed to access some of the private drawing and child creation methods, I had to copy/paste all the code and make a duplicate class.

Usage is simple, just use it as you would the VSlider or HSlider components. You need to specify a skin for drawing the highlight track. The default halo skin doesn’t work very well (it draws a line around the border of the draggable region). I’ve included two skins for the draggable part, each are shown below in the example and are included in the source code.

View the source.

You can download the source by using the link above, or you can also download the compiled SWC and drop it into your Flex project. This has the benefit that it will give you nice icons in the Components panel and it will show the previews of the components on the stage in Flex Builder.

Download the SWC: SliderComponent.swc (289 K)


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